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Time to find The One who will marry you! 

Celebrant dating = online profiles, stalking, shortlist, call back and date.  Are you getting married or joining Tinder?

Celebrants want to be your chosen one and we will try to impress the pants off you on the first date (much like any hottie really, I'm sure you are stunning). 

The One you choose to marry you should speak your language, have you at ease and make everything "gravy" baby!


More about Michelle


I am seeking:    Couples in love              for:     Wedding  Extravaganzas

Age:    41 (but I feel 27)

Nationality:    I get asked this all the time!  My Dad is part Sri-Lankan, my Mum is white Australian.  I sincerely believe that halfies are the hottest!

Lives:    Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.  Surfers has a dubious reputation but in actual fact, it's totally cool.   I like to get away from the comotion though and the lift goes straight up to my castle in the sky. 

Profession:    Full time Civil Marriage Celebrant 

Smarts:   BA Arts (Drama / Event Management) & Cert IV Celebrancy

Status:    I am single and I have no children. Instead, I have a terrific social life and a pumping career!

What's with the hair:     I know, right!  I used to be a brunette, then one day I woke up and I was white - not grey, WHITE.  It's Mother Nature's way of saying "go on, experiment with hair colour"!


Greatest achievement:    My brainchild, The Evermore Pledge was born in 2017 before same-sex marriage was legal and it brought a whole new meaning to the term 'Human Rights' in that arena.  It spurred the government in to action while educating the nation.  Pretty stoked about that.

Greatest fear:    Birds.  Those little bastards have sharp beaks and they fly.  Unpredictable.  I don't trust them.


Hobbies:    I'm writing a book.  It's taking a long time but it's getting there. 

Bye bye to renovations on my home.  There is only so much paint a girl can handle!

Is laughing a hobby? If so I do that a lot.  I love stand up comedy.

Oh, and I live for dance music.  Old Skool prefered. If I knew how to shuffle, I would shuffle all day long, but I'm totally un-co so that's a pipe dream.


About:     Long walks on the beach are overrated but I'll happily do my favourite beach sport, Whale Watching, for hours on end.  (Two essential apparatus; binoculars and wine.)  I work at my home as a Marriage Celebrant in Surfers Paradise during the week.  I love working!  I'm a total nerd when it comes to the industry of love.  On the weekends, I am "celebrating" with couples around South East Queensland and when I'm invited, other cities around Australia.


Describe you perfect date:     We go to a little local pub and choose an out-of-the-way table where we share a drink and 'talk weddings', but not in a wanky way.

Describe your perfect couple:      These two dance to their own beat, sing loudly and off key and chair-dance in the car.  They are down to earth, realistic, honest and proud of each others achievements... not overly mushy, have a great sense of humour.  Oh, and they get me and my dry, tongue-in-cheek antics.