Awarding International Wedding Talent

I was surprised and delighted last month to discover that I had been nominated for a global wedding award from Lux life magazine in the UK. I must admit that upon hearing about it I thought it must be another one of those trophies that one has to pay for and so is not really worth much. But I was mistaken. This is an award system that is not only free of charge, it is adjudicated by a panel of international wedding professionals who spy on the lives of the chosen ones rather than rely on votes from the public (that can easily equate to a popularity contest rather than skill and ability).

Well, the voting is complete and I eagerly await the announcement of the Best Officiant  Award for 2018.


From LUXlife magazine;

Worth billions, the wedding industry is a vibrant and eclectic space filled with dedicated individuals who are working tirelessly to create a truly memorable event for their clients. With couples constantly looking for new and creative ways to share their special day, the market has become incredibly diverse.

Many media outlets focus on wedding dress and venue providers; however, LUX Magazine know that there is so much more to the industry than that. Encompassing everyone from wedding planners and decorators through to tailors, hotels, caterers, drivers and everything in between, the market is filled with businesses that deserve recognition for their hard work and commitment.

Our Wedding Awards provide this and showcase the brightest and best from across the wedding industry. Every day these firms are creating unique experiences that their clients will treasure forever, and we are honoured to be able to shine the spotlight on them and give our readers a tantalising glimpse into the hard work that goes on behind the glitz and the glamour.



Winners announced: 17/09/2018


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