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Two Top Gold Coast Venues You Probably Don’t Know About

One Celebrant. Michelle Anderson is One celebrant whose goal is to make your wedding plans less nerve-wracking by providing you with nothing but the best wedding venues in the state. What more, she is a renowned marriage celebrant at the Gold Coast and beyond. She has a comprehensive lists of the best wedding venues in Gold Coast as well as up-to-date information about each of them. In this article, we review two fantastic venues that you can use to host your upcoming wedding. Believe me, you will find it hard to make a choice between the two. All of them have facilities and services that will see you having a ceremony and reception of your dreams.  

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Delegation to a relation

From the dress to the venue, to how you have your hair or what flowers you pick, those nearest and dearest to you are going to want to have their say. How do you deal with this without pulling your hair out? Simple – keep them busy...

says Michelle Anderson, One Celebrant  

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