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An international award, you say?

 Lux-Life Magazine (UK) present the Global Wedding Awards that shine the spotlight on the brightest and best professionals from across the wedding industry; dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to create truly memorable events.

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The 41 Affliction Fiction

Today is my birthday. As I hurdle the number 40 and stride one day closer to the inevitable change of life,   I researched the changes to expect at age 41.

Trying to remain positive as one succumbs to society’s stigma of the numbers 40-something is trying at times but I think I have a firm grasp on things now and I’m seeing the bright side of life. Here we go, at age 41 you can expect:

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Delegation to a relation

From the dress to the venue, to how you have your hair or what flowers you pick, those nearest and dearest to you are going to want to have their say. How do you deal with this without pulling your hair out? Simple – keep them busy...

says Michelle Anderson, One Celebrant  

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