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Finally, you’ve done it – you’re engaged to the love of your life and planning for your big day. Your whole family and your friends are bursting with excitement at your impending wedding – and are no doubtproviding lots of helpful, and some not so helpful tips.

With so many things to think about, getting into arguments with your family – or your fiancé’s family – is definitely not what you want on your to-do list. From the dress to the venue, to how you have your hair or what flowers you pick, those nearest and dearest to you are going to want to have their say. How do you deal with this without pulling your hair out? Simple – keep them busy.

By now, you have no doubt started writing multiple to-do lists, and on those lists are more than likely going to be some things that are potentially time consuming, of minor importance to you, or you justdon’t want to do them yourself. Most family members just want to be involved, in some way, so they feel like they’ve contributed to your perfect day – so don’t reject their help, embrace it, and use it to save yourself some much-needed cash!

Here are just a few ideas for wedding delegation…

Invitations / Name cards for table / Ceremony BookletsIf you’re not a particularly crafty person, or this kind of detail is just not that important, pick someone in your family who has a creative flair, and ask them to research and come up with a design for your invitations, the name cards for your tables and ceremony booklets, to name a few!

Give them a few ideas to work with, for example:

- Colour choices (Best Wedding Invitation Colour Palettes For Your Wedding Season)- Theme (Wedding Invitation Ideas By Theme)- Style (10 Wedding Invitation Styles to Get Inspired By)

Once they have parameters, they will go off and do the work for you, and all you have to do is approve the final product.CakeFor those brides and grooms who are flexible with cake options (especially after getting a few quotes!!), why not consider delegating this task to one of your family ‘helpers’.

Most families have at least one good baker in them – be it your grandmother or an auntie – if not perhaps you have a close friend who is?

Think about a cake that, at a stretch, you yourself could make, and then approach your family member and see if they could do it. Even if its not a fully professional cake, something made with love by someone who loves you makes it all the morespecial.

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15 Small Wedding Cake Ideas That Are Big On StyleFlowersFlowers can be a daunting task, especially if you are not very ‘florally’ minded, like I was when I got married. I find your Mum is going to be the most likely person who will be good at this job (and this is an excellent job to keep her distracted!). Your Mum will have a good idea of your taste, and one visit to a local florist just to give her some ideas of what you like will provide enough information for her to run with.

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Wedding Flower Seasonality GuideTable decorationsIf you are having a sit-down dinner or any type of table arrangement at your wedding, you’ll no doubt soon become aware that you need to ‘dress’ these tables in some way. Sometimes wedding venues provide some standard items, but this isn’t always the case.

Think of someone close to you who, whenever you go over for dinner, always makes an effort with the presentation of their table. This is the person you want to give this job to. Again, give them a few broad ideas, and let their imaginations run wild.

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Wedding Table IdeasWedding Favours/BonbonniereIf you aren’t planning on getting around this sometimes tricky (and expensive!) area of your wedding with a photo booth – where your guests take home photos as a momento – then this may be another option for you to keep another of your loved ones busy with.

These favours do not need to be extravagant – they are just a small token of thanks from the happily married couple to their guests for rocking up and celebrating with them.

Think of what you would like to receive and brainstorm some ideas with your chosen loved one, and let them get cracking to find something perfect for you!

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by Laura Thomson

for One Celebrant, Michelle Anderson