The 41 Affliction Fiction

Today is my birthday. As I hurdle the number 40 and stride one day closer to the inevitable change of life,   I researched the changes to expect at age 41.

Trying to remain positive as one succumbs to society’s stigma of the numbers 40-something is trying at times but I think I have a firm grasp on things now and I’m seeing the bright side of life. Here we go, at age 41 you can expect:

Hair loss - well that’s ok because mine turned white and surely Mother Nature wouldn’t be cruel enough to make me a silver baldy... right?

Foggy brain and memory loss- basically I should just feel like I have a hangover more often without the expense of booze. Winning! Cheap night out.

Monthly Cycle Goes Rogue - I always do like a hint of spontaneity in my life. Shake it up I say! Roll the dice..: play the winners wheel of panties - different colour every morning to really tempt danger. Fun.

Lazy Bladder - I can’t wait for this one. My mum knows every toilet stop between Brisbane and Melbourne on the coast road and back via Dubbo. The state of the facilities are rated in stars and she can recount every visit to each one. It’s a hereditary skill. It will help me with that whole memory thing and I’ll learn a lot about the Australian bathroom scene.

More UTIs - I do love cranberry juice!

Get more attractive - quote:

“Hey, you've earned those laugh lines around your eyes — and they don't make you less pretty. They say confidence makes you more attractive, right? Deb Schilling, PA-C, says women 40 and older are more confident and depend less on other people. They don't criticize themselves as harshly, and they are more decisive. There's something to say for a woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. At 40, we've experienced enough life to know how to cut the toxic people out of our lives, make decisions on our own, manage our finances and more. Finding peace with yourself and accepting yourself for who you are gives you an air of grace that you can't have when you're 22, or even 30.”


And finally, an increase in Libido - this one I have nailed. (Pardon the pun.) I’ve conquered it actually because they say you are only as old as the man you feel... right?  Any young takers?


Here kitty kitty.



Happy birthday to me,

Michelle Anderson


This is what 41 looks like. Without make up. I’m doing alright- don’t care what they say!